Crankbait Tactics For Huge Prespawn Bass

Probably the most effective ways to catch massive prespawn bass in waterways are lipless crankbaits. These types of baits are especially effective once the water temperature is between forty-nine and fifty-eight degrees, specially in stained or muddy drinking water in lakes and fish ponds, but it also works well in the streams. Some of the techniques outlined beneath will help you catch bigger largemouth bass all over the country in the early spring beginning in March, and peaking in April

There are tend to be variety of lipless crankbaits available on the market that catch bass, however in the spring, in most ponds and ponds, in the Northeast, the Rat-L-Trap by Expenses Lewis Lures, the Rattlin’ Rapala, Lucky Craft, and also the Ambush Stealth Diver, are a couple of the best. All lipless crankbaits have a different sound. Many are much louder than other people, and will produce bass whenever some other quieter baits will not. At other times, the more silent rattling baits will generate better. You just have to experiment with a number of baits until you find the types that are producing best in the specific body of water you’re angling. Sometimes the same baits, within the same size, by the exact same company, make slightly different noises that can be better than the other, as well as experimentation is the only method to find which bait functions the best. Some baits is just not run as true in different speeds, and they change sideways a little more than other folks, so you just have to watch them inside the water, and find the best kinds. The hooks should always be converted to a premium hook system for example Daiichi or X-Point. There are lots of other great hooks, however I prefer these. Most of your own lipless crankbaits should be utilized in a 1/4 to 0.5 ounce size, but lately, bigger bass in the Northeast and in Florida have strike the larger Salt Water Traps from the 3/4 to 1-1/2 oz sizes.

The best colors for your spring, especially if you have a large amount of crawfish in the lake, are usually red, red/orange, and other variants of these colors. Some possess spots on them and these work well. The standard chrome, and stainless with a blue back, and also chrome and red, been employed by especially well for the bigger bass. If the water is very stained to muddy, all of us found that the red, as well as the best crankbait rods 2019 work well within this kind of situation. If you have lots of bluegill in the area, and less crawfish or shad, then the Bluegill/Suncracker patterns work very well. The main forage in the lakes might be best patterns, unless you know that numerous anglers are aware of this, and they are using these colors also. After that switching to unconventional designs can fool some of the skeptical bigger bass. Again, we all switch only the front connect to a “Bleeding Bait Hook” by TTI-Blakemore, (Daiichi), after which change the back hook towards the same brand but in the standard nickel color.

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