How To Dye Hair Extensions In Bright Colors

Scene hair has really boosted the creativity for teens to get crafty all for the sake of standing out from the crowd of their peers. Many of the scene styles feature the use of colored long hair extension pieces in order to add a detail to the look and to stand out from all the other strands on the head. Hair extensions can be bought already dyed but many teens prefer to dye their own. Dying their own allows full creativity to choose any color they want, whether it is to match their very own hair color or to stand apart from the rest of the hair colour.

Dying the pieces is fairly easy. The two most important items of all the supplies needed are the hair extensions and the hair dye, which is usually a special brand that is not found in a common drugstore such as Manic Panic or Special Effects. These hair dyes have every color imaginable from vibrant greens to hot pink. The extensions must be 100% human hair so that they can take on the hair color. The other items needed are a mixing bowl, scissors, some newspaper, gloves and a tresses coloring brush. First you will lay the actual newspaper down on a flat surface and place your extensions laying down flat on the paper.

Next add some curly dye hair into the mixing bowl and dip your hair shade brush in to the mixture. Paint the color of the hair extensions until it is fully covered with the dye. Then you will need to rinse the extensions with cold water and use some conditioner to help rinse out the remaining coloring. Do not rinse your extensions in a sink or bathtub/shower since the color will ruin these surfaces. Instead, it is best to rinse them off in a metal bucket or even large pot and then pour the dirty water into a gutter and not down the particular sink.

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