Tourism and Hotels in Antigua

The actual tourism industry is one that may change and evolve very rapidly as many hoteliers will guess. In this article we briefly take a look at current tourism trends round the southern eastern part of the Carribbean, and specifically for the island associated with Antigua. The tourist business for the small Caribbean tropical isle of Antigua arguably is in debt for its roots to the sugars cane industry led greatly by Sir Christopher Codrington who established the first British settlement as made this island then of Antigua into a substantial producer of cane glucose, bringing further investment as well as development to the country. Unfortunately much of this was of course almost all made possible through the slave industry. Without doubt however , Codrington place Antigua on the map and also the island remained a member from the British Commonwealth. Arguably most of the island’s reputation and facilities can be attributed with this heritage, and the British involvement generally there.

Nowadays the island thrives within the tourism industry and depends heavily upon the yearly arrival of tourists for some of the well-established Antigua resorts and resorts. The majority of visitor arrivals are in July and also August, although Antigua draws in visitors well into Oct as well. Antigua has built upward a strong reputation for being a distinctive and luxurious tourist destination, bringing in visitors with very high-standards. The resorts and accommodations in Antigua reflect this particular very much, offering five star services, levels of service and facilities. Some resorts have actually extended their ranges regarding services to include high-end hot tub facilities and treatments to draw visitors looking for a transformational holiday experience.

In recent years Hoteles en antigua guatemala have seen a drop in the number of visitors, despite a stable pattern of growth. In some instances registered arrivals have seen the decline of over 10% percent compared with previous many years. If we look at the nature involving tourism in Antigua, the information show that almost 95% of all visitors come to this island for a holiday, with only second . 8% coming for business factors. The main demographic of visitors lies heavily within the 15-44 age group, suggesting young experts and families with young kids.

What does this mean for people thinking of creating a trip to the island or reserving a hotel in Antigua? With a decline in figures to the island, it means that this beaches and facilities could be more enjoyable than ever for those people hoping for a quiet along with secluded break. It also implies that visitors can expect to find a few very competitive rates, together with superb service, since motels and resorts in Antigua will be ever keener make an impression.

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