Why You Need a WYSIWYG Web Builder

There are a number of web builders available on the net today. Some are internet based while others are software you purchase or download. However , choosing a WYSIWYG internet builder is important for several reasons. If your web builder does not have a WYSIWYG editor, you may be in trouble later when you try to do certain things with your website.

The first advantage to using a WYSIWYG internet builder is that you will be able to learn the coding necessary for building websites. As you build the website visually, you can view the code in another window or frame. This way you learn what the program code looks like for different things you are trying to do with your site. This becomes very helpful later on down the road when you want to upgrade your site. There is a lot more you can do with a website if you know the code. This works the other way around as well. If you know html coding for creating websites, you can build the site by entering the code, while viewing what the site will look like at the same time. This really helps because you can catch mistakes in the code or web design long before you finish a page.

Another advantage to utilizing a wysiwyg web builder is you will be able to add code you copy and paste from other locations on the internet. This feature is necessary in a web builder if you want to be able to use various web tools. For example , you may want to create a form that allows contact information from a contact us form to be automatically imported into your autoresponder. The computer code to do this is generally generated by the autoresponder itself, then copied and pasted onto your website. You cannot add this codes manually to your site unless you are using a WYSIWYG web builder. A regular web site maker will not allow you to enter code onto the site.

Another example of this is when you want to use a shopping cart, guest book, or any other website tool that is not included in your web building software. You will also need to be able to copy and paste code into the WYSIWYG online builder in order to use various services from Google. Google Analytics is a free tool that allows you to track the number of visitors, where visitors are from, and how they got to your website in the first place. However , in order for it to work you have to duplicate and insert code onto each page of your site. Google AdWords is another example. If you have a content based site and you want to have Google ads on your website, you need to be able to copy as well as paste the actual code for those ad boxes onto your web pages.

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